Logbook Loans Hull

Logbook Lenders Hull

We are easy to find in Hessle near the Humber Bridge, look for Enterprise Car Hire, we are next door. We have plenty of free car parking right outside.

Suite 15
Dunston House
Livingstone Road
HU13 0EG

Office: 01482 420 683
Fax: 01482 642 179

As a responsible lender, Logbook Lenders gauges every single logbook loan application on its strengths and weaknesses to make sure that we are positive that you will be able to pay your logbook loan repayments ahead of agreeing to lend you any money.

At Logbook Lenders Hull we lend against the value of your vehicle using your car as security and based on your ability to repay. Our local, friendly staff make the process as simple as possible and we always consider each applicant as an individual and we keep your best interests at the centre of all we do.

Am I eligible?

  • Is your vehicle free of finance?
  • Are you the legal owner of the vehicle?
  • Are you 18 years or over?

If you satisfy these requirements then you can apply online or call us.

You are in safe hands

Logbook Lenders Hull are members of the CCTA. The Consumer Credit Trade Association makes sure its members follow a strict Code of Practice so all customers can rest assured they will be treated fairly. We aim to provide suitable, affordable loans secured on your car – if we cannot find a suitable loan then we will not suggest proceeding. Remember that you may have your car repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a loan secured on it.

189.9% APR Representative